Who We Are

Improve profitability. Innovate. Scale more quickly and cost effectively. Literally drive more business through your organisation

Who We Are

We are a boutique offshore outsourcing company connecting our growing clients with a great depth of talent enabling them to be globally competitive and maintain high performance organisations.

Our core capabilities include seat leasing solutions for startup and growing businesses and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies. As the local and international BPO businesses continue to thrive, more seats and workstations are required to accommodate the growing number of staff.

We also cater for the needs of businesses requiring specialist, technically skilled and qualified people to handle sophisticated and critical tasks on project basis.

Clark is the home for world leading BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies. It is also known for top IT talent so we are particularly strong with digital services, such as website development and digital marketing. Most of our clients with full time employees choose Depth Digital to manage every aspect of their IT needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

As lots of business owners and executives have their fears when it comes to offshore outsourcing their business processes such as accounting, administration, digital marketing, IT and web development, our team have come up with a list of frequently asked questions with corresponding answers that will serve as a guide as you consider our solution to reach your business goals.

Offshore outsourcing means hiring somebody (geographically or physically) outside your company, based overseas, to provide services. Many organisations are now finding it desirable to outsource some part of their business process in order to remain globally competitive, improve profitability, innovate, scale more quickly and cost effectively, and therefore literally drive more business through their organisations.

Choosing the right BPO for a long term business relationship is imperative. We believe there is an ever-present need for culture alignment and organisational fit. We are a boutique BPO so are able to be more personal and customise our services to your needs more readily than larger companies. It is incredibly important to have a provider that shares similar values and understands your philosophy and culture in order to find you a successful candidate. Our approach is to gain a thorough understanding of your needs, develop an offshoring strategy and then help you build your own talented support team offshore that becomes an extension of your team at home.

With modern cloud computing and communications technology there are no limits as to what types of tasks can be successfully outsourced offshore.

Our clients are from diverse industries including Engineering, Travel Agencies, Manufacturing, Logistics, Accounting, Graphic Design, Web Development, Charities, Telecommunications, Real Estate and more.

Sometimes a task might not require a full time employee so we can undertake special project work for you on an hourly or daily rate basis. This is also a great way to get a feel for the easy and efficient offshoring process.

Depth Offshore handles everything to set up your offshore team and then bills monthly in a single all encompassing transparent invoice. There are no hidden fees. Included in your invoice are your team member’s salary and benefits, plus a workstation and PC and an internet connection.

Yes. Compared to Western salaries you can expect to save up to 75% on a similarly qualified and experienced person. Salaries vary depending on the person and their skillset. If you would like a no obligation free estimate, please contact us.

We recommend communicating with your team on a daily basis, starting with a routine team meeting at the start of your work day to foster a sense of teamwork and alignment. Google Hangouts and Google Docs are extremely cheap to use and a great cloud based collaborative tool. Hangouts are a great way hold face to face meetings with your team members via video conference. Similarly Skype, email and telephone can be used on a daily basis. We can set up a VOIP based phone connection with your team if required. We will share with you some tried and tested techniques that we know will ensure optimum communication with your team.

Our team in the Philippines have great work ethics and are committed and focused. Using our extensive experience in the recruiting process, we ensure that we only recruit responsible and trustworthy team members. We also support our clients on a local level with account managers in Brisbane, Australia and the United Kingdom. We are on hand to assist with conducting reviews and addressing any performance issues that may arise.

It is usually not a problem to require your team member to work one of these public holidays but a daily rate will be offered in lieu of the holiday.

At the commencement of any placement a contract will be signed ensuring confidentiality and Intellectual Property remain with you, exactly the same as any local employee contract. The rights of a project belong only to you. Our people also sign employee service agreements which include confidentiality clauses. This approach is far safer than using freelancers.

No, unless you specifically request differing work hours, our team members expect to work the same hours as your time zone.

Remote working is becoming increasingly common, so there really is very little difference if your team members are working from your office at home or working in the Philippines.

As you would with any new employee, you will need to set clear guidelines and expectations around roles and responsibilities.

Nearly all our clients elect to do training by video conference and screen-share.

Working this way ensures you maintain a clear and smooth flow of communication between you and your team. We recommend your schedule regular project updates, online training and video conferences, just as you would do with an in-house team.

The monthly charge for a resource includes an allowance for:

  • 6 days annual leave
  • 6 days sick leave
  • 19 public holidays (Philippines have more public holidays than AU or UK)

We will generally swap the public non-working holidays in the Philippines to match the holidays in your local time zone, however they do have more holidays in the Philippines than Australia or the UK.

It is usually not a problem to require your team member to work one of these public holidays but a daily rate will be offered in lieu of the holiday.

The speed with which we can onboard new team members depends on the role. For junior roles we can sometimes have someone within 2 to 3 days. With more experienced positions allow approximately 4 weeks from advertising the role to commencing training.