Seat Leasing

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Seat Leasing

Depth Offshore offers turnkey seat leasing options for local and international startup businesses and companies with a small to medium size operation that do not require an office.

Our seat leasing capacity also provides practical, viable and cost-effective solutions for growing businesses that require more work stations for their invaluable staff members. 

As a boutique offshore outsourcing company, we have the capabilities to personalise our services and space to efficiently fulfill your needs and requirements. Our inviting and well appointed Office space provides an ideal space to maintain and improve the dynamics and the depth of your team. 

Our Office is located within the highly sought-after traffic-free Clark Freeport Zone (CFZ), with close proximity to the Clark International Airport (CRK) complex. Clark Freeport Zone (CFZ) is a highly developed and secured hub for business, industry, aviation, education, and tourism in the Philippines as well as leisure, fitness, and entertainment of Central Luzon.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking rigorous measures to minimise the risk of COVID-19 exposure and transmissions. We can ensure that our Office space is COVID safe and that we are following the proposed social distancing guidelines provided by the Philippines Department of Health as well as the local Government’s Health authorities. 

Due to COVID-19 safe measurements, we have 20 fully equipped workstations with an open office layout available for lease.

Guaranteed Inclusions

Training and Meeting Facility

There are 3 boardrooms ideal for your team members complete with whiteboards, conferencing systems, and TV screens.

CCTV Monitoring System

You can view our CCTV monitoring system remotely from anywhere in the world to check in on your staff.

Backup Power Generator

A backup power generator is available to ensure uninterrupted service throughout the year even through blackouts, typhoons and the Philippines’ infamous rainy season.


We have a biometrics attendance system available for your team members to check-in and check-out and monitor their attendance

High Speed Internet

With one of the fastest internet connections in the area with fibre optics connections and redundant backups. There will be no communication delays between the Head Office and your remote team members.

Shared Common Area Facilities

We have a modern and fully equipped pantry available for all team members to utilise.

Work Stations

Each workstation is equipped with ergonomic chairs and desk, LCD monitors, and PCs.

Hardware, Network and IT Maintenance

Our in-house IT professionals will be available to support and assist at all times.


1-10 Seats

USD 249

seat / month

11-20 Seats

USD 199

seat / month

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