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Simple. Efficient. Straightforward.
Seat Leasing Solutions to Your Business

Depth Offshore offers turnkey seat leasing options for local and international startup businesses and companies with a small to medium size operation that do not require an office.

Our seat leasing capacity also provides practical, viable and cost-effective solutions for growing businesses that require more work stations for their invaluable staff members. 

As a boutique offshore outsourcing company, we have the capabilities to personalise our services and space to efficiently fulfill your needs and requirements. Our inviting and well appointed Office space provides an ideal space to maintain and improve the dynamics and the depth of your team.

Stress-free Operations

Forget about the hassle of finding the right Office setup for your team. We have the simplest seat lease plug and play solutions to launch your startup business.

Time and Money Efficient

Setting up your own office will cost your business a lot of money and valuable time. Optimise your business productivity from day 1 effortlessly.

Straightforward and Flexible

With no lock-in contract, our seat leasing agreement is straightforward and flexible. Accommodating month to month short term agreement is also available to make sure your business hits the ground running.